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Five ideas on how to decorate with accent chairs

Posted on May 4, 2016
Accent chairs are way more than just an extra seat. They can make a statement about you and your home. Here’s how you can spice up any room with a comfortable and stylish show-stopper.
  1. Skip colour, add texture
An easy way to add interest to a room with a neutral palette is with a chic, standout armchair. Stick to the same hue — a white accent piece will complement the comfy ambiance in the living space. If you have a large window, make the most of the natural sunlight and place the chair in front to create a cozy reading spot. Decorate with acent chairs Or Decorate with acent chairs Or Decorate with acent chairs
  1. Pump it up with pattern
The best thing about accent chairs is that they are so easy to stand alone, especially with stripes or patterns gone mad. Don't worry about mismatching — just place it in the spotlight as the signature piece and flaunt your style. For a large room, place a wide lounge chair in a bare corner that needs attention. Decorate with acent chairs
  1. Mix and match
Create stylish, yet comfortable dining room décor by placing spacious barrel seats at the heads of the table. These hand-woven abaca armchairs pair beautifully with natural finishes like oak, and create a relaxed vibe that will make guests want to linger for longer. Decorate with acent chairs
  1. Sheer elegance
The wingback chair: a dapper, celebrity-like piece of furniture with its signature high-back and contoured wings. Its sleek modern style and sexy curves can turn any room from drab to fab. Don't be afraid to show this one off in a colourful hue!
  1. Swivel in style
Swivel chairs can be used in more ways than just a workspace. Make this accent chair work triple-duty for when you need extra seating at the dining table and in the living room — it's a great space-saving technique particularly for a loft space. Pick a versatile colour so it will seamlessly match any setting. Decorate with acent chairs
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